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ECDL / ICDL M1 - Concepts of ICT
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Section 1 - General Concepts of ICT
Section 2 - Hardware
Section 3 - Storage
Section 4 - Software
Section 5 - Information Networks
Section 6 - Use of IT in Everyday Life
Section 7 - Health and Safety Environment
Section 8 - Security
Computer Basics
1. What is a Computer?
2. What is an operating system?
3. What is an application?
4. What is the cloud?
Hardware Basics
5. Basic Parts of a Desktop Computer
6. Buttons and Ports on a Computer
7. What is Inside a Desktop Computer?
Laptop Computers and Mobile Devices
8. What is a laptop computer?
9. What is a mobile device?
Software Basics
10. Understanding Operating Systems
11. Understanding Applications
Using a Computer
10. How to Set Up a Computer?
11. Starting up a new computer
12. Getting to Know the OS
Using the Internet
13. How do I connect to the Internet?
14. Getting Started with the Internet
15. Understanding the Cloud
Safety and Maintenance
16. Keeping your computer physically clean
17. Protecting your computer
18. Creating a safe workspace
19. Basic Troubleshooting Techniques
20. How to use your computer's built-in help
21. Learning a new program
22. Bringing your files with you
23. Using Accessibility Features
24. Computer Basic Quiz
Windows Basics
25. What is Windows?
26. Getting Started with Windows
27. Working with Files and Folders
28. Finding Files on Your Computer
29. Common Computer Tasks
30. Adjusting Your Settings
31. Understanding User Accounts
32. Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows
33. Common Applications in Windows
34. Opening Files with Different Applications
35. Working with Flash Drives
36. Troubleshooting Basic Problems
37. How to Survive the End of Windows XP Support
38. Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10
39. More resources
40. Windows Basic Quiz

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